• Job reference by Shanghai Jiaotong University

    Job reference by Shanghai Jiaotong University

    Project Name: Shanghai Jiaotong University Project address: Shanghai Shanghai jiaotong university, was founded in 1896, is located in Shanghai, is directly under the Ministry of Education, the central straight tube deputy ministry of national key university, is China’s oldest and most fam...
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  • Job reference by China Life

    Job reference by China Life

    China Life Insurance Co., LTD. (Anhui Province Branch) is a professional, systematic standard, people-oriented company, SAOSEN Furniture provides China Life with a full set of office furniture space solutions and ergonomic system configuration. Reception Area   Soft veneer finishing is acte...
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  • Project case by Asian InfrustructInvestment Bank(AIIB)

    ASIAN INFRASTURE INVESTMENT BANK (AIIB) Beijing Asia financial building become the permanent office building covers an area of 6.1 hectares of the total size of 390 thousand square meters total dosage of steel structure of the steel body, 2 tim...
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  • Happy Labour Day!

    With the original heart, to ingenuity, SAOSEN FURNITURE wish you a happy May Day! May 1st international Labour Day is a holiday Shared by the working people of the world. Gorky once said: work is the source of all joy and all good things in the world. Any harvest and results are inseparable from ...
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  • Canton Fair 2020

    BEIJING, April 7 (Reuters) – China will hold Canton Fair, the country’s oldest and biggest trade fair, online in June, state television reported Tuesday quoting a cabinet meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang. Canton Fair was originally scheduled to begin on April 15, but was postpone...
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  • Design Thinking—GRIDEN SERIES

    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci famously said and SAOSEN product design meticulously adheres to the old master’s adage. Discreet, geometrical lines produce strictly defined, uncluttered product structures imbued with an architectural purity and scu...
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  • The 26th China international furniture fair

    The 26th China international furniture fair will be held in Shanghai new international exhibition center from September 28 to 12, 2020  
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  • A wonderful review of the delegation building in 2019

      The purpose of league building is to enhance team cohesion and team integration, improve the sense of familiarity and assistance between teams, relax in the intense work, and better complete the daily work. In order to promote the company’s new and old staff exchanges, deepen each ...
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    In China, the 45th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) originally scheduled for March will now be held July 18-21, 2020 for Home Furniture/Home Décor/Outdoor Leisure, and July 27-30, 2020 for Office Show and CIFM/interzum guangzhou). CIFF Guangzhou thanked ex...
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  • SAOSEN Project case sharing

    The front desk is the facade of a company, which is the first impression that meets the customers’ eyes. The front desk made of marble has a noble style, and the natural texture makes the whole space more magnificent. The combination of stone and light, wood and metal can better enhance the...
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  • How to prevent Coronavirus?

    First of all. Please don’t be scared for the COVID-19#. Human being are still the ruler of the world and Chinese spent no more than two months to have it under control. I just concluded some ideas for your reference only. –Part 1 home 1.Drink more warm water The virus can be killed wh...
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  • Mid-Autumn Festival—–China Traditional Festival Saosen Family Gathered Together To Celebration

    Mid-Autumn Festival—–China Traditional Festival Saosen Family Gathered Together To Celebration A Feast Of Fruit & Candy Saosen Family Sends Blessings Saosen Family Enjoy Joy Of Harvest Saosen Family Enjoy Tug of War Saosen Family Enjoy Beer Drinking Contest.
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