Job reference by China Life

China Life Insurance Co., LTD. (Anhui Province Branch) is a professional, systematic standard, people-oriented company, SAOSEN Furniture provides China Life with a full set of office furniture space solutions and ergonomic system configuration.

Reception Area


Soft veneer finishing is acted the role of before stage and echo of wood grain metope photograph, without overmuch adornment more appear pure and plain, the ornament of marble is just right, let whole space become no longer drab .

Staff workspace


The neatly displayed workstation highlights the meticulous atmosphere of the office space. The large-capacity storage space and humanized configuration fully show the care for employees. The decorative colors of the screen are carefully selected according to the image of the enterprise, creating a strong atmosphere of enterprise culture.

Meeting Area


Composed tonal collocation natural texture, tradition and modern simple combination, inheritance and innovation, never forget the original heart.


The high-density sponge is not easy to be deformed by sitting for a long time. The curve inclined Angle of the backrest support and sticking to the waist makes people feel comfortable to sit on. The rear-mounted solid wood desk is designed for reclining and releasing.

VIP Area

The VIP reception area, with Chinese style as the core, is dignified, elegant, composed and elegant in a body, without losing the charm of atmosphere, revealing the modern classical plot.

Leisure negotiation Area






By means of formal meaning and beauty, break the depressing sense of space, visual and tactile merger, light and shadow ups and downs, fashion and no lack of texture, fresh and free from vulgarities.

Dining Area


The dining table and chairs are dominated by natural wood grain, plain and elegant, which helps to relieve the mood and enjoy the delicacies on the plate leisurely.

Post time: Oct-29-2020