Job reference by Shanghai Jiaotong University

Project Name: Shanghai Jiaotong University

Project address: Shanghai

Shanghai jiaotong university, was founded in 1896, is located in Shanghai, is directly under the Ministry of Education, the central straight tube deputy ministry of national key university, is China’s oldest and most famous universities at home and abroad, one of the national “985 project”, “211 project” “world-class university” construction in colleges and universities, formerly known as nanyang university, merged with the original Shanghai second medical university in 2005 for the new Shanghai jiaotong university.

Executive area

The simple natural wood grain creates an elegant office atmosphere, seeking the abundance of soul from the material minimalism, so that the space can get the ultimate sublimation from the simplicity.

Staff area

Grey collides with white

The balance of practicality and beauty, pure from the colorless high, the integration of unique design without loss of charm

Meeting area

The meeting schedule is one of the important hubs of each project. The meeting space made of wood grain is more calm and lingering. The meeting chair is ergonomic and comfortable to sit in, which can meet all kinds of sitting positions and experience the cloud sitting feeling.

Training area

The training chair is equipped with movable tablet to meet the needs of various training meetings. It is neat and orderly, practical and beautiful, and builds a bridge between inspiration and wisdom.

Reception area




Bright lamplight, the space with elaborate design, every subtle point passes careful consideration, low-key costly blooms quietly.

Dining area 

Wood raw  furniture brings back uncut jade to return true comfortable, leisurely and contented, savour a life.

Post time: Nov-30-2020