A small coup to remove aldehydes from furniture. If you do this, live in your new home two months in advance

Buy new furniture home, more or less will produce some formaldehyde. The speed of removing formaldehyde is not set in stone. Do the following things, the efficiency of removing formaldehyde will be higher.

01Keep ventilation

There are two purposes of ventilation. The first is to purify the indoor air, so that the local air formaldehyde content is not too high, which is harmful to health. The second is the release rate of formaldehyde hidden inside the furniture, which is related to the concentration of formaldehyde around the furniture. Ventilation helps reduce the local formaldehyde concentration and speed up the release of formaldehyde.

Ventilation, in addition to ensuring that the doors and windows in the room are open, but also to ensure that the furniture itself is in a relatively open environment. In places like cabinet doors and drawers, everything that can be opened must be opened.

02 Guaranteed temperature

The release rate of formaldehyde has a great relationship with the ambient temperature. When the temperature is lower than 19℃, formaldehyde is almost no longer released. When the temperature is above 19°C, the release rate of formaldehyde will increase by about 40% for every degree of increase in temperature. When the temperature exceeds 30°C, the release rate of formaldehyde increases geometrically.

Someone said, “Isn’t it enough to lower the temperature and prevent the release of formaldehyde?” If the furniture is placed in our home, even if it is not released in winter, the formaldehyde inside will still be released until next summer. So what we have to do is to accelerate the release of formaldehyde.

In winter, the indoor temperature is low. If you have already moved in, remember to heat the room with new furniture. If you haven’t checked in yet, you should increase the indoor temperature by controlling the frequency of opening windows. Do not open the windows for more than 24 hours. It is better to open the windows every two days.

03 Guaranteed humidity

Like temperature, humidity is also one of the important factors affecting the rate of formaldehyde release. The greater the environmental humidity, the faster the release of formaldehyde. Generally speaking, it is not recommended that furniture that is emitting formaldehyde be kept in an environment where the air humidity is lower than 40% for a long time.

At the same time, the higher the air humidity in the room, the better. Of course, if you have already moved in, it is better to control the humidity at about 55%. If you haven’t moved in yet, it is recommended to put more basins of water in the room to make the air humidity as high as possible.

Free formaldehyde is also soluble in water, so you can wipe the furniture with a damp cloth every three times. For fabrics containing formaldehyde like curtains, you can wash them with water first.

04With aldehyde removal products

We do not recommend relying too much on formaldehyde removal products, including some professional formaldehyde removal companies. All these products can deal with only the formaldehyde free in the air-formaldehyde hidden in the furniture, still unable to deal with.

But if we have achieved the first three points and have already figured out a way to release the hidden formaldehyde, we can also use some formaldehyde removal products. [If you don’t want to use it, you can also open more windows. 】

There are generally only two types of aldehyde removal products: adsorption and decomposition. Both types of products have effects.

Decomposition treatment is faster. Like some sprays, spray directly in the air to immediately reduce the formaldehyde content. The adsorption type is more durable, like the activated carbon bag, placed in the closet, it can absorb the slowly released formaldehyde for a long time.

It doesn’t matter whether the two are good or bad. It is recommended to use decomposition products to remove aldehydes when new furniture is just bought. After you have moved in, you can choose adsorption aldehyde removal products for long-term treatment.



Post time: Jan-11-2021