Neofront sofa and stool/ modern office fabric sofa

Neofront sofa

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    Powder Coated MDF Color Options



Neofront sofa and stool/ modern office fabric sofa
Modern design

Functional sofa
Functional sofa with harmonic fabric colors can create flexible spaces that make working people feel at home.Detachable shelf is good for small area with extra storage space.


Fabric finishing, the armrest side merged with the metal base frame.

Matching list: Executive tables / File cabinet /Low cabinet/ Coffee table/ Sofa /lounge / Chairs/ Wardrobe/ Rear cabinet/ conference meeting table/ Executive room/ Duel workstations/Staff table/ Cabin / Partition/Division/Desks/Neofront/Atwork/puravia/poemoo/saosen brand/Nordic design/ Italian design/Modern design 

Neofront, supply the need to offer to the new mobile worker and inspiring destination outside of the traditional office space.

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